What a difference. After years of bleaching and having bonding work done, my teeth did not look their best.
Veneers were the answer to having that perfect smile. The whole experience from beginning to end was great. Everyone in the office is professional and courteous and Dr. Ringer makes you feel right at home. He has the latest technology so that you can see what your teeth will look like before any work is done.
It is so nice to hear people say, ” wow you’ve got perfect teeth and a great smile.” My teeth look so natural that unless I tell people they have no idea I’ve had cosmetic dental work. I love the way me teeth look and feel!


I want to commend Dr. Ringer and his staff for an exceptional job on my porcelain veneers.
My front teeth were shortened from wear and had discoloration and gaps. The edges were thin and beginning to chip away. I wanted to do something that would prevent additional chipping and improve the appearance of my teeth.
When Dr. Ringer and I first discussed porcelain veneers I was both skeptical and apprehensive. I was concerned about the permanence of the process and whether the veneers would look natural. After doing my own research and discussing the pros and cons with Dr. Ringer I decided to go ahead. I am glad I did.
Throughout the process I was impressed with Dr. Ringer’s diligence towards color and size matching. This was very important to me, as I did not want the veneers to look phony. He urged me to meet with experts at the lab to further hone the matching of the veneers, which I did.

Having a second opinion reassured me that I was getting the job done right. I am very satisfied with the end result. The veneers blend well and look very natural. The reaction from friends and family has been very positive. They never question whether I have veneers, but instead comment that my smile is whiter and looks great.
Thanks Dr. R for making it comfortable to smile again!


I can’t say enough about the difference Dr Ringer has made in my smile. The feedback I have received, has been everything from “You look twenty years younger”, to “Have you had a face lift?” (I haven’t) As a younger woman, I was always told I had a beautiful smile.
I am hearing that again, on a regular basis.
Thank you Dr Ringer


I am so pleased with my new veneers – I’m smiling at strangers! Dr. Ringer took great care in choosing the perfect look for me – color, size, style. Who knew that teeth could entail so much detail. In two office visits, the enhancement was complete and I am delighted that I took Dr. Ringer’s advice. Thanks to Veronica and Veronica too for their help in making the whole experience a very pleasant one.


Do you want to feel young? Do you want to look great?
Go to Dr. Ringer as I did!

I feel wonderful and my teeth look terrific! If you want to get non-stop compliments and stop hiding your smile then don’t wait another day and call Dr. Ringer. The results will brighten up the rest of your days!