Our office uses only the most state-of–the–art equipment and materials. This allows us to supply a wide range of options as well as provide the most conservative, long-lasting and esthetic results while creating a safe and comfortable environment.

full mouth dental implants

We use intra-oral cameras to take pictures of teeth, restorations or conditions in the mouth. This allows us to better evaluate, accurately keep track of, and educate about conditions in the patients mouth.

Digital photography allows us to communicate with laboratories more accurately, keep track of conditions as well as educate. In conjunction with imaging software, we can show the patient potential changes in their smile on their own face.

We use only the most up-to-date materials, most of which are adhesive, all of which are tooth-colored. We use no mercury containing materials and do our best to isolate the patient from exposure on removal. These new materials allow more conservative restorations that will support the tooth vs. weaken it, while providing beautiful esthetics.

Virtual reality glasses and TVs are available for patients who are either nervous or want to be more comfortable for longer appointments. The virtual reality glasses allow the patient to watch a movie while having treatment. We also have blankets, pillows and current magazines.

Our office is completely computerized, allowing us to more efficiently keep track of patient information, be it scheduling, insurance, billing or treatment. Each room is equiped with a television that displays educational and special interest information.

Digital x-ray not only allows us to get instant images that we can evaluate in greater detail, but exposes the patient to significantly less radiation.

The Compudent system allows delivery of anaesthetic with minimal to no discomfort by the use of a mechanism that controls the flow of liquid, avoiding rapid dispensing and in turn discomfort.

When appropriate, digital impressions will be taken. This will be in lieu of traditional impressions and will be sent directly to the lab for digital fabrication of your restoration.

Our office sterilization equipment and procedures are always kept to current standards and all OSHA requirements are met. Our equipment is regularly tested for efficiency and we use one time use, disposable equipment when possible.

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