Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Are You Affected?


If you are unsure why your teeth aren’t wearing right lately it could have something to do with your TMJ.

Short for temporomandibular joint the hinge that connects your lower and upper jaw often causes issues if it is out of alignment.

TMJ and Your Smile

Harry Ringer DDS cannot stress the importance of a good bite and healthy jaw joints. Firstly both are important if you would like cosmetic dentistry; secondly, your TMJ is vital for prenting wear and tear on other teeth.

Think of it this way, if one tooth isn’t where it is supposed to be your other teeth will pay the price. Teeth can easily wear down when there is too much pressure on either side. Moreover, a cross or over bite can cause crowding issues as well.

For these reasons and many more a good dentist in Costa Mesa will check your teeth and gums along with your chewing system which includes your TMJ.

Your Chewing System

Dr. Harry Ringer wants to make sure your bite and jaw joints are in good condition before proceeding with cosmetic dentistry. He does this to prevent any problems once the restorations are placed.

Because your chewing system consists of your tongue, muscles, tendons, nerves and tissues it must be in good order.

For example, if you have a bad TMJ as previously mentioned it will affect the way you bite and chew. This will also cause issues for teeth.

Teeth are just as strong as bones. If they aren’t coming together they can easily become damaged. If this can happen to teeth you can only imagine what it will do to veneers and crowns.

While crowns veneers and other types of restorations are strong they won’t be able to withstand constant grinding and rubbing together in places they aren’t supposed to.

Your TMJ and Your Support System

Like everything in life you need a solid foundation if you want your teeth and dental restorations to stand the test of time.

A lifetime of chewing and biting is bad enough. Add a bad bite and and a TMJ that are out of alignment and your teeth and dental restorations will not last as long as they should.

TMJD Dentist Costa Mesa

If you think you may be having trouble with your bite or jaw joints, call or send a direct message. Harry Ringer DDS is ready to help you and your TMJ.

Your Costa Mesa temporomandibular joint disorder disorder has the relief you need. Send a direct message today.