Protect Yourself with a Mouth Guard


If you spend every waking moment in the sunshine on a surfboard, skateboard or on the tennis court you probably understand the importance of a mouth guard.

From helmets and a custom mouth guard, pads and other accessories keeping you and your family safe while enjoying hobbies and sport is essential if you want to protect your teeth and gums.

Dr. Harry Ringer loves being outside in Southern California and shares National Facial Awareness month every April with his patients, his fans and followers on social media and anyone else who will listen.

National Facial Awareness Month

Because so many people in Southern California love to be outdoors, having the right protection is vital. If you don’t you could be ending up spending your entire summer nursing a broken jaw.

Just like sunscreen, mouth guards are imperative. Without sunscreen you’ll get burned. Without mouth protection you could lose a tooth.

During National Facial Protection Month Dr. Ringer and his team urge you and your family to schedule appointments for custom guards in Costa Mesa. When you do you will be preventing accidents that could end up being very serious.

Consider this, a knocked out tooth is usually prevented when the athlete wears a mouth guard. The same can be said about tongue injuries.

Nine times out of 10 when a guard is worn mouth injuries are much less likely to happen if they happen at all.

A Mouth Guard  for Everyone

All athletes, whether playing twice a year or every other day should invest in some sort of mouth protection.

Your Costa Mesa family dentist recommends custom made mouth guards as they provide you with the safest and most comfortable solution. Of course if custom made is out of the question, Dr. Ringer recommends standard or boil and bite mouth protectors.

Both of these options are available without a prescription and while they are not as good as the custom ones from your Costa Mesa dentist are certainly better than nothing.

A Mouth Guard is ALWAYS a Good Idea

Whatever your passion, especially if it includes contact sports, a mouth guard is always a good idea. During National Facial Awareness Month take note and check your gym bag.

If a mouth guard isn’t in the picture text and schedule an appointment with Harry Ringer DDS. You’ll feel better when you participate and be glad you did if a flying kick ever comes your way.

Call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment for custom mouth guards in Costa Mesa today.