Pay Attention to Holiday Foods for Teeth


If you are in the midst of planning your annual party have you given any thought to your teeth and gums and holiday foods?

Harry Ringer D.D.S. cannot stress the importance of meal planning, especially holiday meals when things have a tendency to get out of hand.

Holiday Foods and Oral Health

If you are preparing healthy dishes to keep the weight off it’s important to take note of holiday foods that aren’t so healthy for oral health.

Your Costa Mesa family dentist explains that while some of these foods are a no brainer, others aren’t so obvious when it comes to unhealthy holiday foods.

Breads Cakes Cookies and Crackers

While it’s important to have some bread on the table, think light dinner rolls or a loaf of bread, don’t go overboard.

If you are starting your meal with crackers or putting pretzels and chips on your buffet table, keep it to a minimum.

Starchy foods get into the crevices and cracks of teeth, not just the back ones. Prepare starchy foods with lots of savory and sweet dips and cheese to help cleanse the pallet and your teeth.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Both energy and sports drinks are popular mixers. They pair well with alcohol and give your drink a bit of zing. However, energy and sports drinks are very bad for teeth and deliver a double dose of trouble.

Sports and energy drinks contain sugar and are extremely acidic. Furthermore, sucking through a straw makes the problem worse.

Drink water or iced tea and keep sports and energy drinks on the shelf where they belong.

Fruity Holiday Foods

Fruit is excellent for your waistline, but be choosy when picking fruit for your buffet table. Lean towards apples, pears, grapes, and stone fruit.

Citrus fruits, while delicious, contain large amounts of acid. Acid eats the enamel on your teeth. Pineapple and Kiwi fruit also contain enamel eating acids.

Tangerines, grapefruit, oranges and other citrus fruits are best enjoyed as part of a meal. If you have citrus on its own be sure to rinse with water after eating.

Healthy Holiday Foods for Teeth

Be sure to load up your appetizer plates or buffet tables with lots of fresh veggies. Guests love munching on carrot and celery sticks along with cherry tomatoes and other crunchy vegetables.

Pair with delicious dips and you’ll have the best replacements for unhealthy holiday foods.

If you would like more information regarding healthy foods for teeth, call or send a text and schedule an appointment with Harry Ringer D.D.S. today.