Family Dental Care in Orange County


Dr. Harry Ringer is your solution for family dental care. From your toddlers new teeth to your grandpa’s dentures you won’t want to go anywhere else for family dental care in Costa Mesa.

Because Dr. Ringer has been in the business for decades he understands the importance of compassionate and proactive when it comes to dental care. Being proactive means being preventive as well.

What is Preventive Family Dental Care

When you practice preventive dental care  you are being proactive. Being proactive means brushing twice a day. It also means flossing once each day followed by a rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash.

Proactive dentistry also means eating a good diet loaded with vitamins, minerals and much needed calcium. Just like bones, your teeth need calcium to stay strong.

All Inclusive Family Dental Care

When you become a patient of Harry Ringer D.D.S. you will love the convenience and from the best doctor in Costa Mesa.

Because you won’t have to travel all over town to different dental practices in Costa Mesa you will save time and money.

A Dental Family Dental Care Plan for Everyone

If you find dental care too much to handle talk to Harry Ringer D.D.S. about sedation dentistry. You may be taking the best care of everyone else’s teeth and gums, but if you are avoiding yours because of dental fear, you will pay the price.

Dental Sedation in Costa Mesa

As odd is at may seem some people refuse to go to the dentist because of fear. Which is very ironic in that dental phobia has made many patients so squeamish they won’t sit in the chair until they are in agony.

When this happens more procedures are necessary to bring teeth and gums back to health.

For example, had a person with a fear of the dentist went when they first had issues there wouldn’t have been a reason for root canal therapy or a dental crown.

Nipping decay and disease in the bud before things get worse is the only way. This is very easy to do when you become a patient of Harry Ringer D.D.S.

The Best Dental Technology

Dr. Ringer prides himself on continued education learning everything there is to know about modern technology.

Thankfully you will never have to worry about outdated dental technology when you become a patient of Harry Ringer D.D.S.

Costa Mesa Family Dental Care

For the best you can’t go past Harry Ringer D.D.S. for family dental care. Call or send a text and schedule appointments for the entire family today.