Dental Checkups Even During the Holidays


The holidays have arrived at what that means for most is a busy schedule. A hectic schedule with no time left for the essential things in life. Essential things like dental checkups and professional cleanings.

Although checking off every item on your gift list is important, having a healthy mouth to do so is even more imperative, especially if you haven’t scheduled dental checkups in some time.

Dental Checkups in Costa Mesa

Time goes by quickly and if that professional cleaning that was postponed back in July hasn’t happened yet call Harry Ringer DDS.

Dr. Ringer and his team cannot stress the importance of twice yearly cleanings and dental checkups. Not only does this keep decay at bay, it also helps prevent gingivitis and periodontitis.

If your time between visits has been longer than a year have no fear as Dr. Ringer is the kind of dentist who will never judge you by your past performances.

In other words, Dr. Ringer and his team want to do nothing more than to bring your smile back to its original glory.

Why Dental Checkups are Important

If you follow this Costa Mesa dentist’s office blog you will remember that there is a connection between the mouth and the body. The connection seems to be inflammation. Inflammation from periodontal disease.

Because gum disease means bacteria, plaque and tartar, pockets develop between teeth and gums. When that happens the debris travels through your bloodstream to other parts of the body including your heart.

Statistics show that people with heart disease almost always have gum disease. People who have heart attacks and have suffered from a stroke are 90 percent more likely to have suffered or still suffer from periodontitis as well. This is if they survived the stroke or heart attack

Professional Cleanings

With twice yearly professional cleanings, or more if you are prone to periodontitis, you are keeping gum disease and decay at bay. What’s more if you keep up your oral hygiene routine you may never have to deal with either again.

Regular dental checkups in Costa Mesa mean higher self-esteem as well. Just think how much better you feel after your teeth have been cleaned. Once you remember you will be picking up the phone to schedule an appointment.

Dental Checkups Costa Mesa

There is still time before things get hectic. Call or send a direct message and schedule dental checkups and professional cleanings for everyone in the household today.

Doing so will prevent lengthy appointments in the future. Schedule yours today.