Dental Appointments for Overall Health


Fall is the best time to take stock of your overall and oral health. While your dentist in Costa Mesa understands the importance of the mouth and body connection most people do not. That’s what makes regular dental appointments essential for your entire body.

Dental Appointments for a Healthy Body

Dental appointments with your dentist in Costa Mesa will help you and your teeth and gums live a long life. In fact, visits with Dr. Harry Ringer mean a lower risk of tooth decay and less chance of gingivitis becoming periodontitis.

It’s important to note that the biggest reason people lose teeth is poor oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing every once in a while just won’t cut it when it comes to keeping your teeth for the rest of your life.

In addition to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, brushing and flossing, regular dental appointments, professional cleanings and a nutritious diet help you keep your body healthy as well.

The Connection Between Your Mouth and Body

Your Costa Mesa dentist explains that gum disease is the culprit when it comes to the connection between oral and overall healthy.

Gum disease is responsible because the plaque and tartar that goes right along with gingivitis and periodontitis makes its way to the bloodstream.

When tartar and plaque get into the bloodstream they can attach themselves to the walls of the blood vessels. This can easily lead to stroke.

Furthermore, if you suffer from periodontal disease and you don’t treat it you are more likely to have a heart attack. Moreover, people with chronic gum disease also have a higher propensity and certain types of cancers.

Avoiding the Connection

The only way to avoid the connection is to maintain the best oral hygiene possible. Brush, floss, use an oral antiseptic rinse and schedule dental appointments with Harry Ringer DDS in Costa Mesa.

Scheduling regular dental appointments is the first step as your Costa Mesa dentist will make an oral hygiene schedule that is easy to follow.

In addition to a new oral hygiene schedule that will include dental appointments and professional cleanings, Dr. Ringer may also put quarterly periodontal cleanings on your schedule if you are prone to gingivitis or periodontitis.

Stay on Top with Dental Appointments

Keep abreast of your oral healthy and start a regular oral hygiene routine including regular dental appointments. Your overall health will thank you for it.

Call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Harry Ringer DDS in Costa Mesa today.