Cosmetic Dentistry a Healthy Foundation

Costa Mesa Cosmetic Dentist Office

Dr. Harry Ringer has your best interest at heart because he believes in proactive dentistry. With proactive dentistry teeth and gums stay healthy. When they are healthy you can move forward with that cosmetic dentistry that you have always wanted as well.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Mesa

According to Harry Ringer DDS healthy teeth and gums are the foundation when it comes to any type of dental restoration. Porcelain veneers won’t stand a chance if you suffer from bruxism.

If you or someone you know is a clincher and/or grinder you know what it has done to his or her teeth.

From grinding down to the gums to clenching to the point of TMJ your bite and joints are the foundation when it comes to any type of cosmetic dentistry restorations or any other type of dental restorations for that matter.

Your Costa Mesa cosmetic dentist has all of the knowledge and education needed when it comes to any type of restorations. That is why you can trust your smile to Dr. Ringer and his fantastic dental team.

Smile for the Camera

Of course if you would rather start things today try the Virtual Smile Design Tool. With this smart tool from Harry Ringer DDS you can snap a photo of yourself answer some questions and have cosmetic dentistry results before you set foot in the dentist’s office in Costa Mesa.

If you subscribe and follow Dr. Ringers Blog you will know how quickly you can get recommendations from this cosmetic dentist in Costa Mesa. Moreover, you can set up an in person appointment during your virtual recommendation session.

While this speeds things up you can make the whole process even faster. You can make it quicker by scheduling an in person consultation after you send in your selfie and answers.

This means you could actually have a treatment the same day that you schedule your in person recommendations, especially if all you need is an in office professional teeth whitening session.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

From dental implants, veneers, crowns, whitening, inlays, onlays, tooth fillings and more Dr. Ringer has the knowledge and experience to recommend what is best for your teeth and gums and your overall personality. For instance, if you have tiny features large porcelain veneers wouldn’t be the best solution for your new smile.

Only a dentist can determine what is right for you. Send a direct message and find out what this cosmetic dentist in Costa Mesa can do for you today.