Chronic Halitosis is Dangerous


Harry Ringer D.D.S. explains that if you haven’t been diligent about oral health care it is probably affecting your breath. Chronic halitosis is something people deal with every day with some not even aware they have it.

Sadly it is impossible to smell your own breath. Furthermore, the only way you will ever know you are offending people with your breath is if they tell you.

Costa Mesa Chronic Halitosis Dentist

Bad breath is caused by the food you eat and your lifestyle. For instance, if you smoke and enjoy garlic and onions regularly your breath will pay the price.

Dr. Harry Ringer explains that foods such as onions and garlic flow through the bloodstream after digestion. Garlic and onions stay for 72 hours eventually passing through your lungs causing the offensive halitosis.

People who chew or smoke tobacco will also pay the price. Chewing tobacco or smoking a pipe, cigar or cigarette cause a very unpleasant odor in your mouth.

Habitual tobacco users will always be battling chronic halitosis while running the risk of all types of oral and lung cancers.

To avoid tobacco breath give up the habit. If you are having trouble kicking it, talk to your primary care physician or your dentist in Costa Mesa about quitting.

It’s More than Bad Breath

Chronic halitosis can’t be washed away with a mouth rinse, a good brushing and flossing or a packet of mints.

Unlike morning breath, which goes away after you brush and floss, it will stay with you. According to your Costa Mesa dentist, this could be a sign that there is something more sinister lurking about.

Throat Nose and Mouth Infections

According to Colgate, throat, sinus and nose problems can cause postnasal drip. Chronic halitosis is quite common in people who suffer from postnasal drip. Because bacteria feed on the mucus, it produces an infection giving you chronic halitosis.

Dry Mouth and Chronic Halitosis

Your salivary glands wash away food particles and bacteria. If they aren’t working properly you will have dry mouth. Dry mouth causes bad breath. Other reasons you may have dry mouth include certain medications, tobacco, caffeine and alcohol use.

Tobacco and Bad Breath

If you smoke or chew tobacco, even if you indulge via Hookah pipe your breath will suffer for it. Smokers have a higher percentage of dry mouth as well as gum disease. Both of these issues cause bad breath.

Dental Appointments for Chronic Halitosis

If you suffer from chronic halitosis call or send a text and schedule an appointment with Harry Ringer D.D.S. today. Everyone around you will love you for it.

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