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A local dentist in Costa Mesa doesn’t always offer cosmetic dentistry, but this dentist’s office does. From tooth colored fillings porcelain veneers, dental bonding and crowns you will always have the latest in dental technology at your fingertips.

Dr. Ringer and his team can even whiten your teeth with professional strength products that will lighten your smile up to 10 shades.

Although dental implants are considered restorative they are also cosmetic in nature because you are replacing missing or failing teeth.

Talk to your local dentist about implant dentistry. These days’ even people who wear dentures may qualify as good candidates.

OAT for Sleeping Disorders

In addition to cosmetic dentistry your Costa Mesa local dentist also specializes in dentistry for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr. Ringer has the education and training to provide people with moderate obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy.

Also known as OAT, oral appliance therapy is an excellent solution for people who haven’t had much luck with CPAP therapy.

Oral appliance therapy uses custom made splints and/or mouth guards that are designed to put the tongue in the proper position. This opens the throat so that you, or the person suffering, can breathe while asleep.

Mercury Free Local Dentist

If you follow Dr. Ringer’s blog you will know that this dentist’s office in Costa Mesa is mercury free. This means no more silver crowns or fillings.

Although some don’t believe silver amalgam fillings are problematic Dr. Ringer does. When you need a filling it will be made of dental materials that are good for your teeth and your body.

With a mercury free doctor in Costa Mesa you are on the right track for a heathier mouth and body.

Costa Mesa Local Dentist

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