In our office, all aspects of restorative dentistry are offered, not only in the most conservative way but using the most contemporary materials, equipment and techniques. All options use bonding technology and are metal free (including mercury), using flexible, strong and esthetic materials, such as resins and ceramics. This allows us to do less destructive preparations, retain as much natural tooth as possible and have the restorations be supportive vs destructive.

Of course all treatments supply the best esthetics available, making most work almost indecernable from natural tooth. Traditional dentistry, though effective for its time, tends to involve excessive tooth removal and materials that cause weakening to tooth structure resulting in fracture and breakage. Bonding technology uses the actual adhesion of materials to tooth as well as the flexible nature of the materials to give a more supportive result. This way the historical pattern of dentistry that has led from filling to fracture, to crown, to recession and root canal, to extraction and ultimately dentures can be eliminated or at least delayed.