We will maintain your continuing care schedule, schedule your dental hygiene appointments and remind you of those appointments. The dental hygienist will do a complete evaluation and relate any needed information to you and the dentist. This may result in the suggestion of additional treatments, referral to a Periodontal specialist, or no change at all.

In addition to a thorough dental cleaning, exams are performed every six months and necessary x-rays are taken yearly. Intra-oral photos are also taken, which not only allow detailed evaluation and accurate tracking of conditions in the mouth, but are an excellent education tool.

An intra/extra oral cancer screening will also be performed. If any areas of concern are noticed, the appropriate suggestions or referrals will be made.

Any specific issues that may have arisen since your last visit will also be addressed. Instructions on home care and methods or equipment to better maintain your dental health will also be given.

Last but not least, in addition to scheduling your next visit, a “goody bag” with a new brush, floss and toothpaste will be supplied.