Implants are one of the greatest advancements in today’s dentistry. They allow us to replace missing teeth without the need for removable appliances or the destruction of adjacent teeth, as in a bridge.

A titanium post is surgically placed and integrated in the patients bone. A restoration is then screwed into the implants, resulting in a permanent and esthetic result. Implants can also be used to retain dentures, allowing for excellent retention of the denture and the increased ability to chew foods.

All-On-4 procedures are also available. A process that can replace a full arch of teeth with four implants and a screw retained full denture, allowing the patient to leave with a temporary, functional denture within 24 hours. Returning at a later time to place the final device.

The surgical aspect of the implants will be performed by a specialist to whom you will be refered and with whom we will work closely. The actual restoration will be performed by our office.